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Flag of Trinidad & Tobago

Four Bristol Rovers players have played internationally for Trinidad & Tobago, two of whom played for them while on the books of Rovers. These two were Ronnie Mauge and Nigel Pierre, while Kevin Austin and Ricky Shakes were the two other players. Austin's single cap came three years before joining the Pirates, while Shakes earned his international debut after leaving the club.

Nigel Pierre's transfer to Rovers was the subject of some controversy when his work permit which was initially granted was revoked. This was due to his number of international caps being misrepresented in his application. His playing registration remained with Rovers for a couple of years, while he played league football in Trinidad, but he never returned to Bristol.

List of Trinidad & Tobago internationals[]

A full list of Trinidad & Tobago internationals to play for Bristol Rovers is given in the table below.

Player Caps International
Rovers years
Kevin Austin 1 1999 2002-2003
Ronnie Mauge 8 2000 1999-2002
Nigel Pierre 54 2000-2003 1999-2000
Ricky Shakes 1 2006 2005