ChampionsASC = Anglo-Scottish Cup
Runners-upFMC = Full Members Cup
Third placedAIC = Anglo-Italian Cup
Promoted, outside top 3Glos Cup = Gloucestershire Cup
Relegated- = Did not compete


SeasonDivisionLeagueFA CupLeague CupFootball League
OtherTop Goalscorer
Black Arabs
1883-84None---- -
Eastville Rovers
1884-85None---- -
1885-86None---- -
1886-87None---- -
1887-88None---- -
1888-89None----Glos Cup winners-
1889-90None---- -
1890-91None---- -
1891-92None---- -
1892-93Bristol & District League6638--- Bill Rogers (9)
1893-94Bristol & District League Div.1116214--- Bill Rogers (7)
Bob Horsey (7)
1894-95Bristol & District League Div.161048---
1895-96Western League Div.1214151st qualifying round--
1896-97Western League Div.157273rd qualifying round--
Bristol Eastville Rovers
1897-98Birmingham & District League320465th qualifying round--
Western League Professional Section5626
Bristol Rovers
1898–99Birmingham & District League420593rd qualifying round--
Western League Div.14224
1899–00Southern League Div.110113144th qualifying round-- Jack Jones (12)
1900-01Southern League Div.17144101st round-- Jack Jones (11)
1901-02Southern League Div.19125132nd round-- Jack Jones (14)
1902-03Southern League Div.151389Intermediate--Glos Cup winnersJimmy Howie (11)
1903-04Southern League Div.131789Intermediate-- Billy Beats (18)
1904-05Southern League Div.1120861st round--Glos Cup WinnersAndrew Smith (19)
1905-06Southern League Div.18155141st round-- Jack Lewis (13)
1906-07Southern League Div.114129173rd round-- Jock Young (14)
1907-08Southern League Div.161610123rd round-- John Roberts (14)
1908-09Southern League Div.15179141st round-- Fred Corbett (19)
1909-10Southern League Div.1131610162nd round-- Fred Corbett (13)
1910-11Southern League Div.1161010181st round-- Billy Peplow (9)
1911-12Southern League Div.117913161st round-- Billy Peplow (7)
George Richards (7)
1912-13Southern League Div.116129173rd round-- James Brogan (11)
1913-14Southern League Div.1171011171st round--Glos Cup winnersEllis Crompton (13)
1914-15Southern League Div.116143211st round-- George Davison (15)
League football suspended during World War I
1919-20Southern League Div.1171113181st round-- Steve Sims (9)
1920-21Football League Div.310187171st round-- Sid Leigh (21)
1921-22Football League Div.3S141410186th qualifying round-- Sid Leigh (15)
1922-23Football League Div.3S131316136th qualifying round--
1923-24Football League Div.3S91513145th qualifying round--
1924-25Football League Div.3S171213171st round--Glos Cup winners
1925-26Football League Div.3S19156211st round--
1926-27Football League Div.3S10169173rd round--
1927-28Football League Div.3S19144242nd round--Glos Cup winners
1928-29Football League Div.3S19137222nd round--
1929-30Football League Div.3S20118233rd round--
1930-31Football League Div.3S15168184th round--
1931-32Football League Div.3S18138212nd round--
1932-33Football League Div.3S91514133rd round--
1933-34Football League Div.3S72011112nd round--
1934-35Football League Div.3S81710153rd round--Glos Cup winners
1935-36Football League Div.3S17149193rd round--Glos Cup winners
1936-37Football League Div.3S15164223rd round--
1937-38Football League Div.3S151313161st round--Glos Cup winners
1938-39Football League Div.3S221013192nd round--
League football suspended during World War II
1945-46None[2]-2nd round-- -
1946-47Football League Div.3S14168181st round--
1947-48Football League Div.3S20138214th round--Glos Cup winners
1948-49Football League Div.3S51910131st round--Glos Cup winners
1949-50Football League Div.3S9195181st round--
1950-51Football League Div.3S62015116th round--Drew Glos Cup
1951-52Football League Div.3S72012144th round--
1952-53Football League Div.3S1261283rd round--
1953-54Football League Div.291416123rd round--Drew Glos Cup
1954-55Football League Div.29197164th round--Glos Cup winners
1955-56Football League Div.26216154th round--Glos Cup winners
1956-57Football League Div.29189154th round--
1957-58Football League Div.210178176th round--
1958-59Football League Div.261812123rd round--Drew Glos Cup
1959-60Football League Div.291811134th round--
1960-61Football League Div.217157203rd round3rd round-
1961-62Football League Div.221137223rd round2nd round-
1962-63Football League Div.3191511201st round4th round-Glos Cup winners
1963-64Football League Div.312198194th round3rd round-Drew Glos Cup
1964-65Football League Div.362015113rd round2nd round-Glos Cup winners
1965-66Football League Div.3161414181st round2nd round-Glos Cup winners
1966-67Football League Div.352013133rd round1st round-
1967-68Football League Div.315179203rd round1st round-Drew Glos Cup
1968-69Football League Div.3161611195th round1st round- Harold Jarman (14)
1969-70Football League Div.332016102nd round1st round- Robin Stubbs (15)
1970-71Football League Div.361913142nd round5th round- Robin Stubbs (17)
1971-72Football League Div.362112133rd round5th round- Bruce Bannister (12)
1972-73Football League Div.352013131st round4th round-Watney Cup winnersBruce Bannister (25)
1973-74Football League Div.322217113rd round1st round-Promoted
Glos Cup winners
Alan Warboys (22)
1974-75Football League Div.2191211194th round2nd round-Glos Cup winnersAlan Warboys (11)
1975-76Football League Div.2181116153rd round3rd round- Bruce Bannister (13)
1976-77Football League Div.2151213173rd round1st round- Alan Warboys (11)
1977-78Football League Div.2181312175th round1st round-ASC: Group stagePaul Randall (20)
1978-79Football League Div.2161410185th round1st round-ASC: Group stagePaul Randall (13)
1979-80Football League Div.2191113183rd round1st round- Stewart Barrowclough (12)
1980-81Football League Div.222513244th round3rd round-RelegatedGary Mabbutt (5)
Aiden McCaffrey (5)
1981-82Football League Div.315189191st round2nd round-League: 2pt deduction
(unregistered player)
Glos Cup winners
Paul Randall (12)
1982-83Football League Div.37229152nd round2nd round-Glos Cup winnersPaul Randall (20)
1983-84Canon League Div.352213112nd round2nd roundArea SFGlos Cup winnersArchie Stephens (13)
1984-85Canon League Div.362112133rd round2nd round1st roundGlos Cup winnersPaul Randall (18)
1985-86Canon League Div.3161412204th round2nd roundGroup stage Trevor Morgan (16)
1986-87Today League Div.3191312211st round1st roundGroup stage David Mehew (10)
1987-88Barclays League Div.381812163rd round1st roundGroup stage Gary Penrice (18)
1988-89Barclays League Div.351917102nd round1st roundArea QFGlos Cup winnersGary Penrice (20)
1989-90Barclays League Div.31261551st round1st roundRunners-upPromoted
Division 3 champions
Glos Cup winners
David Mehew (18)
1990-91Barclays League Div.2131513183rd round1st round-FMC: 2nd roundCarl Saunders (16)
1991-92Barclays League Div.2131614164th round3rd round-FMC: 1st roundCarl Saunders (10)
Devon White (10)
1992-93Barclays League Div.1241011253rd round2nd round-Relegated
Glos Cup winners
AIC: group stage
John Taylor (14)
1993-94Endsleigh League Div.282010161st round1st round2nd roundGlos Cup winnersJohn Taylor (22)
1994-95Endsleigh League Div.24221683rd round1st roundArea QFGlos Cup winnersPaul Miller (16)
1995-96Endsleigh League Div.2102010161st round2nd roundArea final Marcus Stewart (21)
1996-97Nationwide League Div.2171511201st round1st round1st round Peter Beadle (12)
1997-98Nstionwide League Div.252010163rd round1st roundArea QF Barry Hayles (23)
1998-99Nationwide League Div.2131317165th round1st round1st round Jamie Cureton (25)
1999-00Nationwide League Div.272311121st round2nd roundArea QF Jamie Cureton (22)
Jason Roberts (22)
2000-01Nationwide League Div.2211215191st round3rd roundArea QFRelegatedNathan Ellington (15)
2001-02Nationwide League Div.3231112234th round2nd roundArea SF Nathan Ellington (15)
2002-03Nationwide League Div.3201215192nd roundPreliminary1st round Giuliano Grazioli (11)
2003-04Nationwide League Div.3151413191st round1st round1st round Paul Tait (14)
2004-05Coca-Cola League 2121323121st round2nd roundArea Final Junior Agogo (19)
2005-06Coca-Cola League 212179202nd round1st round1st round Richard Walker (20)
2006-07Coca-Cola League 262012144th round1st roundRunners-upPromoted
Play-off winners
Richard Walker (12)
2007-08Coca-Cola League 1161217176th round2nd round2nd round Rickie Lambert (13)
2008-09Coca-Cola League 1111712171st round1st round1st round Rickie Lambert (29)
2009-10Coca-Cola League 111195221st round2nd round1st round Jo Kuffour (14)
2010–11npower League 1221112231st round1st roundArea SFRelegatedWill Hoskins (17)
2011–12npower League 2131512193rd round2nd round1st round Matt Harrold (16)
2012–13npower League 2141612181st round1st round1st round Tom Eaves (7)
SeasonDivisionPosWDLFA CupLeague CupFootball League
OtherTop Goalscorer


  1. 1.0 1.1 Between 1983 and 2000 the Football League Trophy was known as the Associate Members Cup
  2. Rovers played in the unofficial Division Three South (South) league during the 1945-46 season


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