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Rovers: Portrait of a Football Team
Author: Geoff Twentyman & Gary Frank
Year: 1990
Pages: 24

Rovers: Portrait of a Football Team is a book that was published in 1990 featuring caricatures of a number of the 1989–90 Division Three championship winning side.

All pictures in the book were drawn by local Bristol artist Gary Frank and the text was written by then-Rovers player Geoff Twentyman, later to become the sports editor of BBC Radio Bristol. Each page features a large drawing of a member of the Bristol Rovers squad with a caption giving their name and some facts about them, such as nicknames, what car they drive or their favourite make of boots.

In the foreword to the book Twentyman says of Frank "I am sure he is heading towards fame and fortune". He was absolutely correct, as Frank later went on to work for both Marvel and DC comics, providing artwork for The Incredible Hulk, Supergirl and many, many others.

The book is 24 pages long and features the following players:

  1. Gerry Francis (manager)
  2. Geoff Twentyman
  3. Devon White
  4. Christian McClean
  5. Carl Saunders
  6. Phil Purnell
  7. David Mehew
  8. Ian Alexander
  9. Peter Cawley
  10. Ian Hazell
  11. Ian Holloway
  12. Brian Parkin
  13. Andy Reece
  14. Vaughan Jones
  15. Paul Nixon
  16. Ian Willmott
  17. Tony Sealy
  18. Billy Clark
  19. Steve Yates