Bristol Rovers' record goalscorer by a wide margin is Geoff Bradford. His 242 league goals between 1949 and 1965 is 64 clear of second-placed man Alfie Biggs, who scored 178 times in a similar period.

The top three scorers on the list, Bradford, Biggs and Harold Jarman all played for the club at the same time, and in fact the two players tied for fifth place were also there in the early 1960s, meaning five of the top six played in the same team at the same time.

There are 27 players in the top 25 due to three men being tied for 25th place, all of whom were British-born, with 24 born in England, two in Wales and one in Scotland. Bradford, Billy Beats, Dai Ward and David Williams were all recognised at full international level by the nations of their births, while Englishman Peter Hooper was capped once by Kenya in the days when national team eligibility requirements were much more relaxed than they are now.

Two Southern League players scored enough goals to be included in the list. Fred Corbett scored 52 times in 139 games spread over three spells between 1901 and 1911, and England international Billy Beats scored 44 times in 94 games between 1903 and 1906. The remaining 25 all played their football in the Football League.

Top 25 highest goalscorers in The Football League & Southern LeagueEdit

1Geoff BradfordEng EnglandForward4622421949–1964
2Alfie BiggsEng EnglandForward4241781953–1968
3Harold JarmanEng EnglandMidfielder4521271959–1973
4Vic LambdenEng EnglandForward2681171945–1955
5=Peter HooperKen (1921-1963) KenyaForward2971011953–1962
5=Bobby JonesEng EnglandForward4211011956–1973
7Paul RandallEng EnglandForward240941977–1983
8Dai WardWal WalesForward175901954–1961
9George PetherbridgeEng EnglandForward457851945–1962
10Bruce BannisterEng EnglandForward206801971–1977
11Jamie CuretonEng EnglandForward174721996–2000
12David WilliamsWal WalesMidfielder352661975–1985
13David MehewEng EnglandMidfielder222631985–1994
14=Ian HamiltonEng EnglandForward149601958–1968
14=Barrie MeyerEng EnglandForward139601953–1958
14=Gary PenriceEng EnglandMid/Fwd257601983–2002
17Marcus StewartEng EnglandForward171571991–1996
18Alan WarboysEng EnglandForward144531973–1977
19=Fred CorbettEng EnglandForward139521901–1911
19=Devon WhiteEng EnglandForward202521987–1992
21Rickie LambertEng EnglandForward128512006–2009
22Bill RoostEng EnglandForward178491948–1957
23Richard WalkerEng EnglandForward143462004–2009
24Bill CulleySco ScotlandForward57451926–1928
25=Billy BeatsEng EnglandForward94441903–1906
25=John TaylorEng EnglandForward95441992–1994
25=Steve WhiteEng EnglandForward150441977–1986

a Nationality is defined as the country represented by a player at any level of international football, or their country of birth if they have never played internationally.

b The position where the player played the majority of their games. Simplified to Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder or Forward to allow for comparison between modern formations and the old 2–3–5 lineups.

c Appearances and goals in Football League and Southern League matches only.

d Period over which the player's appearances were made. This may have been split over two or more spells at the club.

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