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On January 7th 1956, Rovers played what would go down as perhaps the biggest result in Bristol Rovers history. Performing well in the league and in a battle for promotion to Division One, Rovers played Matt Busby's Manchester United, a team by then nicknamed the Busby Babes, in a FA Cup Third Round Tie. Reporter Desmond Hackett described Rovers as the "£110 team with the million-dollar touch of class" in the Daily Express. This is in a song/chant by Ben Gunstone, called Tote End Boys.

Bristol Rovers 4-0 Manchester United
Biggs (2)
Bradford (pen)
(2-0 HT)
at Eastville Stadium attendance: 35,872
Ron Nicholls Ray Wood
Harry Bamford Bill Foulkes
Frank Alcock Roger Byrne
Jack Pitt Eddie Colman
Denzil Hale Mark Jones
Peter Sampson Jeff Whitefoot
George Petherbridge Johnny Berry
Ball Ball Alfie Biggs John Doherty
Ball Geoff Bradford Tommy Taylor
Ball Barrie Meyer Dennis Viollet
Peter Hooper David Pegg